* Results may vary from person to person.

​​MonaLisa Touch laser treatment increases blood flow, collagen production, sensation, and lubrication to improve the intended natural function of the vagina. It's like being 20 again!*

What To Expect


Laser Treatment

A new procedure patients are calling "life-changing" for vaginal and urinary issues

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The laser treatment is a minimally invasive procedure.

​Only our highly qualified doctors who have also experienced the MonaLisa Touch procedure on themselves perform the treatment. You will not be treated by a non-physician at Rockhill Women's Care - only an MD.

The laser is inserted into the vagina. Laser pulses stimulate new collagen production in the vaginal wall. Note the video only shows the interior treatment.

Microscopic pictures of a typical menopausal vaginal lining (top) compared to the lining after two MonaLisa Touch laser treatments (bottom).*

How It Works

Studies conducted by Dr. Stefano Salvatore prove that 84% had improvement in physical and mental quality scores and gynecologic symptoms following treatment. 

(Charts by Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan).

​​Three initial treatments are recommended, spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart.​ Each treatment increases in laser strength, resulting in more pronounced results.


Both the interior and exterior of the vagina are treated at Rockhill Women's Care. External treatment increases sensation which is typically reduced during menopause.

The procedure is virtually painless and requires no anesthesia. It is non-hormonal, thus perfect for breast cancer survivors.

Some may experience slight discomfort the first time the probe is inserted. But most report it feels like a gentle vibration.


Note: This video shows the interior treatment. At Rockhill Women's Care, we always include an exterior treatment for your improved sensation and pleasure.


After: 2 Weeks After 2nd Treatment

MonaLisa Touch delivers microscopic heat beams to restore vaginal health and improve functionality in a fast, pain free, and nonsurgical manner with no anesthesia or downtime. It is designed specifically for safe vaginal use.

Until menopause, the vagina and surrounding vaginal opening are all richly supplied with estrogen receptors. When estrogen decreases at menopause, the area atrophies.

The vaginal lining becomes thinner, less able to produce moisture, and more easily injured.

The lining of the urethra (tube used for urination) weakens.

This results in quality of life-impacting symptoms such as:

  • Painful intercourse
  • Dryness
  • Uncomfortable vaginal irritations
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Recurrent vaginal infections
  • Recurrent urinary infections
  • Reduced sensation

MonaLisa Touch has 17 published research papers  proving its efficacy in reducing these conditions, often with 90% symptom reduction.

​Thus, MonaLisa Touch, was designed specifically for vaginal mucosa to improve postmenopausal symptoms that are aggravating and impact quality-of-life .

Medical researchers examined the vaginal mucosa pre- and post-treatment.Research studies indicated the laser treatment restored normal histological characteristics of premenopausal vaginal tissue*.

Before: Vaginal Mucosa in Basal Condition with  Thinner Epithelium

Number of Treatments

Additional maintenance treatments may be required yearly or every other year depending on initial response and symptom severity.


MonaLisa Touch laser treatment was introduced in Italy in 2012. It was FDA-cleared in the US in 2014.

Italian researchers noted that facial skin was rejuvenated by using fractional CO
2 laser therapy. If facial laser treatment encourages the remodeling of connective tissue and production of collagen and elastic fiber, why couldn't a laser be designed for the vagina?